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Masonry mesh

The Mansory metal mesh is intended to strengthen the construction of masonry and finishing of various structures and buildings. Masonry mesh is made by process of welding low carbon cold drawn wire of various diameters, which are perpendicular to. Masonry mesh is galvanized or coated PVC, these types of processing do this kind of mesh is stronger, more resistant to corrosion, prolong service life.

Masonry mesh is a lightweight, welded wire mesh with square or rectangular cells, which come in different sizes. The most popular ones are:

Masonry mesh in the construction industry

Masonry mesh is selected in accordance with the kind of brick used for masonry. As you know, construction is one of the most important sectors of the economy. In the construction process is not important parts in the construction or repair of any premises is very important the quality of materials and compliance with required standards. To the wall of brick apartment buildings were really durable and reliable, stood up to adverse natural and mechanical effects, use the mesh masonry 50х50х3 at factory price. Some prefer to buy grid masonry in Moscow as a universal markup.

In General, the scope of the use of masonry grid is very extensive, but of course construction is the main purpose of such material. Construction companies use mesh galvanized welded masonry in the form of a reinforcing material for construction of buildings of brick and reinforced concrete, used in floors and filling the Foundation. Also, this mesh is often used for reinforcement of floors, plaster walls, under sidewalks, road paintings, fences, fences, greenhouses and other types of processes in construction, design and manufacturing sector.

The quality and specifications of the masonry grid are regulated according to EU standards, as its use is defined by high strength, resistance to aggressive environmental influences, easy transportation and installation. Often masonry mesh can be purchased in cards, sheets and rolls.


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